A-Chen Urgyen Samten Choling (A-Chen Monastery)

A-Chen Urgyen Samten Choling


A-Chen Urgyen Samten Choling (A-Chen Monastery) or the Gyalwai Nyugu Retreat Centre is located in Dagkar (Cn.Daka) Padma (Cn.Banma) County, Qinghai Province. It is a sacred place where it has been deeply permeated by the blessings of Guru Padmassambhava and other lineage masters down through the ages.


Dependent Arising


On  July 2012, HH Mozar Rinpoche led Tulkus and Sanghas to the snow-covered prairie, a holy ground where mountains met with springs and surrounded by lotus petals liked mountains. He said, “In the near future, a retreat centre will be built here.




Mozar Rinpoche, as well as WujinQianqiu Rinpoche from Kathok Monastery, NyingKun, Osel Tulku, and Khenpo from Yarchen Gar, all blessed and prayed for the establishment of the retreat centre.


On the spot, Mozar Rinpoche blew the conch and said, “The dependent arising is inconceivable. And via this dependent arising, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche’s  path to cultivate and spread the Dharma will be able to benefit boundless sentient beings.”


Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche pledged, “For the liberation and benefits of all sentient beings, I will definitely build the Retreat Centre, according to the prophecies of HH Achuk Lama Rinpoche and HH Mozar Rinpoche.”


The Blue Prints

It will be a holy place for the benefit of all sentient beings.  It will be a spiritual garden for Sangha and lay practitioners to pray, worship, practise meditation, engage in retreats, turn the prayer wheels, and hold events and meetings relating to the Dharma. It will also be an education centre, medical centre for the poor and needy (children/herdsmen) and also a care centre for the elders. Further more, it will  be constructed into a culture centre for the interaction and exchange of communication between Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism.



The Construction

Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche took the responsibility upon himself to oversee the construction of the entire Retreat Centre and was involved many times, in the on-site review, understanding, interaction with the architect, engineers and construction workers.






The Journey Continues …

In spite of construction being limited to only a few months in a year (due to winter weather conditions in Qinghai), under tough conditions (limited electricity, and having to transport all materials long distances from other provinces/county),  construction  is continuing..








Although it has only been in construction for three years, over 20,000 square meters of the Hall of Patriarchs has been already been completed and is entering the interior decoration stage; thanks to the concerted effort put in by the construction workers, and also the Sangha of A-Chen Monastery, who have all contributed with pure hearts.





Gyalwai Nyugu Retreat Centre Welcomes You!

Beneath the holy mountain, the glorious Hall of Patriarchs; amongst the ever flowing of scriptures in the halls and temple, Gyalwai Nyugu Retreat Centre welcomes you! For the sake of the liberating sentient beings, since the year 2015, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche has already held three (3) Dharma assemblies for “Attaining Liberation in This Life Time”, in the holy ground of A-Chen Urgyen Samten Choling.






(Information current as at Jan 2018)


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