Infinite Lights Lumbini 2015 : Lighting up Lumbini in the Night (Part 3)

Many Sanghas and lay-people played very important roles throughout the whole month in Lumbini. Their dedications are deep within their hearts. No bright sun or strong winds or bad weather can deter them in lighting up the butter lamps each night. Many monasteries in the Lumbini Developement Trust Area participated in the light offering event […]


Infinite Lights Lumbini 2015 : Lighting up Lumbini in the Night (Part 2)

It is really amazing to see that everyone’s mind is very focus on lighting up each lamps. Sometimes there is this strong gust of wind passing by, and many lamps are put out in a sudden. But this did not deter the volunteers to quickly light them over and over again, competing with the wind, […]


Infinite Lights Lumbini 2015 : Lighting up Lumbini in the Night (Part 1)

Throughout the period of 30-days, many volunteers, visitors and tourist put in their hearts and souls to contribute in the lighting up 10-million lamps. Here are just some of the beautiful images in hope to capture each tranquil moment …    


Infinite Lights Lumbini 2015 : No Boundaries

Light cast away darkness. Light cast away fear. Where there is light, people gathers. Where there is light, there is hope. There is no need for words to bring unknown indivudals together to light up the lamps. There is no differentiation to who we are and where we come from when we light up each […]


Infinite Lights Lumbini 2015 : Opening Ceremony

  On Feb 18, 2015 evening, the opening ceremony commenced with participation from and support from the Chinese Temple, and many other Sanghas from the various monasteries in the Lumbini Developement Trust area, and is also attended by specially invited guest, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche.   The very first butter lamps were lighted using the fire […]


Story of the 10 millions Infinite Lamps : Travelling to Lumbini

It was a big challenge to transport the lamps from Beijing to Lumbini. The distance between these two places is about 5000 km, across six completely different types of climate zones, from the sub-arctic to tropical. More specifically, in between the two countries stands the Himalayan mountains, the “Roof of the World.” To ship the […]


Infinite Lights at Lumbini Awaits You

World peace is longer just an individual’s aspiration, it as become the common aspiration among humanity. In this auspicious month of the Tibetan New Year (2015), let’s joint our hands together and light a lamp for world peace, for happiness. Let each lamp lights up the warmth in our hearts and cast away war, unhappiness and sickness. The […]


Lighting 10 Million Wisdom Lamps from the Heart

During the first month of the Tibetan new year in 2015 (Feb 19-Mar 20), Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche will lead both sanghas and lay people from around theworld to perform light offerings in the 10 Million Light Offering Event at the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama – in Lumbini, Nepal. The event will also […]

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