Meaning of Happiness

In life it is usual to experience happiness and hardships. When encountering hardships, why be negative? Likewise, where there is happiness, recognize that suffering is also certain to exist. Everything in existence has its inherent value. Padmasambhava said,“When you want to practice, but find yourself running into an ocean of suffering, this is your karma […]


A Teaching from Lama Rinpoche

Once before, when I was with Lama Rinpoche, I asked, “Lama la, how’s your health?” He laughed and spoke to me, “Well, I am in good health. Have you been clinging on to this Outer Guru?” I replied, “Yes, the moment you are sick, I will get really worried. I have been depending on the […]


Master your emotions

There is a saying: “nothing makes our life difficult, except difficulties caused by our emotions.” If you can master your emotions, you can control your own world. No matter what situations life throws at you, nothing will make you feel uncomfortable, you will not suffer because of attachment, nor will desperation arise. You will be […]


The Importance Of Practising Guru Yoga

All mental afflictions comes from the mistaken notion of clinging to existence. Only the realisation of the wisdom of emptiness can completely remedy this attachment and the fastest and safest way to realise the wisdom of emptiness is through Guru Yoga. Although Guru Yoga is labelled as part of the preliminary practices, but in truth, it […]


Significance and Principle Behind The Practice of Guru Yoga

“Yoga” in Chinese means “Attune”. Thus the Guru Yoga is to attune to the Guru. This practice, though easy to carry out, has a very profound meaning. Our lineage master, Khenpo Ngakchung Rinpoche said, “Guru Yoga is a very deep practice, if one visualises and recites the name of the Guru, blessings will definitely be […]


Purpose Of Practicing The Guru Yoga

The first level of motivation for practising the Guru Yoga is to cultivate and increase our trust and devotion to the Guru. Through continuously increasing one’s devotion and respect for the Guru, when the causes and conditions coincide, then the Guru’s blessings can cause realisation to arise in one’s mind. This is the ultimate purpose […]


How To Rely On The Guru

When we have met a qualified Guru who has karmic connection with us, what kind of mindset should we have in reliance upon him? Drimed Oser (Longchenpa) said, “Someone who seeks liberation should be like a sick patient who relies on the doctor, in order to remove the serious sickness of samsara, the body, speech […]


Attributes Of A Qualified Guru

In general, the requirements for a spiritual guide at different stages of our practice and learning path is different. A Vajrayana Vajra-master must at least have the following attributes: Firstly, the Pratimoksha precepts, Bodhisattva precepts and the Vajrayana samayas should be pure and unblemished. Secondly, he should have listened to the dharma extensively, because the […]


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